Beginning in 2016 I started offering Honey Bee Extractions. Combining my Beekeeping experience and equipment with Ron Pollette's expertise in construction has proven to be a very nice combination. This venture allows us to offer a fairly unique service for people and businesses alike. We are able to positively identify  the type of insect infestation (we only extract Honey Bees), deconstruct the colony site, remove the Bees (saving them), clean out the comb, seal up the entrance(s), and reconstruct the site. Simply hiring a Professional Exterminator to kill the Bees is the wrong thing to do and most exterminators will not perform this service without having the customer sign off on a "further damage" waiver. Trying to get rid of them yourself is a big mistake. The following reasons will help you to understand why.

     1)  Honey Bees are a very sought after and effective pollinator, one of every three bites of food we consume is a direct result of that food being naturally pollinated by insects.  Honey Bees are transportable (thanks to Langstroth Hives) and can be moved in huge numbers to various agricultural areas to Pollinate the crops in that area. An example would be the San Juaquin Valley in California. Nearly 700 miles long and upto 100 miles wide at points the majority of Almond, Cashew,  Lettuces, and countless other types of fruit and produce are annually pollinated by upto 100,000 colonies of Honey Bees brought there from as far away as the Ohio River Valley. Killing them is WRONG and sooner than later they will likely be protected by laws.

    2) Choosing to merely kill the bees is only going to cause you more problems! Once they are dead or poisoned enough abandon their home one problem is rotting insect corpses and larva but worse is all the unprotected poisoned honey and wax that will attract lots of other unsuspecting animals and insects. Lastly if that has not given cause to deconstruct clean and reconstruct Honey Bees leave a pheromone trail that will lead other feral colonies to inhabit the same space.

  3) We have the right tools and the knowledge to use them properly. You will likely get stung a LOT. We don't. We need the business and the bees deserve saving!!

  4)  I am usually able to rescue the entire colony and add them to one of my existing colonies..

These services offered include repair, removal , replacement, painting, drywall, or just about any type of general construction it may take to safely and efficiently rid your home or business of your unwanted Bees, and if we get a bunch of honey you get some of that too!