TomKat Ranch honey is made by a handful of healthy Russian and Carnolian Colonies located on several carefully selected sites.  We focus on naturally occurring blooms and rural family owned farms.

The honey is extracted by hand, periodically, depending on availability and lightly filtered before bottling. Our honey is always fresh and has never been heated above 104 degrees Fahrenheit with only minimal and timely application of approved organic treatments needed to maintain health and prevent pest infestations. 

TomKat Ranch is never going to be a large honey producer, but it is an integral part of our philosophy that growing, raising and promoting local goods is good for all of us. The 2015 harvest yielded about 800 lbs of purely delicious honey. A majority was harvested from the TomKat Home Ranch Apiary, with smaller amounts from The Double D Diamond Dairy Ranch, Oberkramer's  Farm, and Hick's Family Farm. The 2016 harvest yielded about 1050 lbs with the TomKat Ranch Apiary leading followed by Youngblood's yard and Oberkramer's  farm (Combined) Everetts Farm, Double D Diamond Dairy Ranch, and Sugar Shack Apiaries.



The overall health of this planet's bee population has become a topic both in the media and more importantly by apiary managers and entomologists worldwide. No definite conclusions have been reached as to the reason(s) for the sudden death and absconding of an alarming amount of colonies in the U.S. and abroad. Apiary managers like Tom face an uphill battle, but maintaining a healthy bee population is something that this Earth cannot survive without. We constantly attend any local events and often travel to listen and learn from Master Beekeepers and perfect our craft. I am currently taking classes to become a certified Master Beekeeper. This is a challenging endeavor and will be achieved in the next couple of years. If you would like me to speak at your school or event please contact me. I hope to have a viewable portable colony spring of 2017.