New Friends and Partners

A  couple stopped by this summer to inquire about buying some honey and to ask if I might help them with a colony of bees they recently purchased. Wow, talk about fate, Josh and Sara Plack are wonderful old souls living in 20 something shells. Josh has a degree from Mizzou in Sustainable Agriculture and a great mind for utilizing the latest technologies in growing edible plants as well as a good headstart on grazing livestock for breeding and consumption. Sara has a natural talent for design and execution of Josh and her ideas as well being an established jewelry creator and dog groomer. They recently purchased a 17 acre farm not to far from me and have hit the ground running. They have the motivation, energy, knowledge, and location to make a successful business. We are currently kicking around ideas about joining forces!!! I am very excited. What a breath of fresh air and hopefully a lasting friendship and maybe a good business venture.. more to follow about this much needed pleasant suprise