Spring livestock situation

Well it looks like the Kiko Goats are a bust for this winter. I traded my Kickass Buck Bluegrass for another registered 100% Kikoto introduce new genes, looks like he failed to knock up the girls. Very disappointing. I will be getting Bluegrass back.

Chickens are laying strong and I will likely be adding another dozen or so very soon, depending on demand.

Jon Hamn and Kevin Bacon my 2 Duroc Pigs are at about 125# and will become table food in late May. If this works well I will be adding Pork to the selection of goods available for sale.

Mook the incredible goat dog wants badly to breed, he is 3/4 Anatolian Shepard and 1/4 Great Pyrenee. Weighs in around 160 and makes great looking well behaved guardian pups.

Looking at a couple head of cattle to fatten up for late fall slaughter. I will most likely get some from Tom Rose (Organic Grass Fed longhorns) and feed them non gmo corn for 90 days to get the desired fat content. Sorry but gotta have my meat, and as long as I'm eating it, it has to be tender and well marbled!!