March 23rd Bee Peak

Wow!!! What weird late winter early spring. Had a few more colony losses, but the survivors are blowing up. Some colonies are already heavier than fall, lots of brood and tons of pollen. Missed my opportunity to try oxalic acid for varroa mite control(to much brood). Going to use Apivar after my sugar shakes.

I have taken on mentoring for  2 couples learning beekeeping.  One of them Aimee Bilyeu has a macro lens on her kickass camera and has taken some amazing pics of the bees. Natalie has promised to post them on the site (hurry girl Daddie needs the help). I mention Aimee by name because she is an amazing photographer (RIGHT!) but also because she is the person behind and her products are crazy good!! She is using wax and honey exclusively from TomKat apiaries. Visit her and buy some stuff!

I have several nucs and pkgs of bees on order from the EMBA as well as my pollinator friends Alexa and Alex in Springfield and have again, committed myself to getting to break even in the beekeeping business. The honey is available at Starrs Wine Shop on Big Bend in Richmond Heights and Bolyards Butcher Shop on Sutton in Maplewood (Thanks Guys). Both are selling way more than expected.