August Bee Peek

    Well, after some blistering heat during July the honey harvest looks pretty darn good!  With the help of Josh and Sarah Plack we pulled about 1/2 the supers during the first 2 weeks and I got the rest last Saturday. Looks like about 1050lbs with the TomKat Ranch Apiary leading, followed by Everett's Farm, Jack Youngblood and Joe Oberkramer Farms were combined (very close to one another), Sugar Shack did well as did the Double D Diamond Dairy Ranch. More to follow as it all dries out and I look for the subtle differences that allow the Single Apiary Bottling I am pioneering. The available honey is for sale at Starr's Wine Shop in Richmond Heights, Sha's Spices and More on Main Street in St. Charles,  The Happy Medium HairStyle Shop in Dogtown, The Butchery at Truffles in Ladue and  The Double D Diamond Dairy Ranch in Londell